A New Start


So, I’ve been going through my old blog a lot recently, just kinda browsing my old posts and facepalming…a lot. I’ve changed and learned a lot since I started that blog, and I’m really not happy with some of the older posts on there. Instead of going through and deleting all those old posts and shit I decided to scrap it all and start up a new blog. 

Another thing is that I’ve been wanting to talk more about my personal experiences and how they relate to some of the things I reblog, but there’s some people I know irl that follow me on harlequinpuppettheatre that I kinda didn’t want seeing some of that shit. 

So, basically I’m starting over! I’m gonna be working on re-following the important people that I followed on hpt. The only thing I ask is that if I do know, or have known, you irl that you please let me know if you wanna follow this new blog. 

I’m gonna keep harlequinpuppettheatre up for about a week or so, but then I’m gonna be deleting it. So if you wanna keep up with what’s going on in my corner of the universe, feel free to follow my new blog!

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